Treet-It Pure Oil

Treet-It Pure Oil contains 100% undiluted pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil. It has many functions because it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  For example, it can be used in the treatment of fungal nail infections (soak nails in warm water with a few drops added), athlete’s foot (add a few drops to a foot bath), mouth ulcers (as a gargle) or pimples (apply directly).

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This oil is undiluted and should, therefore, be used with caution, especially on very sensitive areas as it could cause a burning sensation.  Avoid using on broken skin or near the eyes.

  1. Treatment of fungal nail infections – soak nails in warm water with a few drops added
  2. Athlete’s foot – add a few drops to a foot bath
  3. Mouth ulcers – as a gargle
  4. Pimples – apply directly
100% Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil
Available in 12ml & 32ml.
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